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A human and a monster play a Pong-like game and strip in the short visual novel The Little Black Bestiary: A Playful Proposition.

The Little Black Bestiary: A Playful Proposition is the second episode of Cyber Scherzo FF’s monster dating game anthology The Little Black Bestiary. While the first episode was about a blooming relationship between a human and dragon-girl, this one follows a human and an iara, a type of siren or mermaid in Brazilian mythology. The protagonist, whose name you choose, is challenged by his friend Tainara to a video game strip bet. When one of them loses a game, they end up losing an article of clothing. This goes on until one of them is naked.

There are two ways to play the minigame in this visual novel. The game is a Pong-style arcade game where you can choose a character to play as, similar to a fighting game. Each character has their own abilities, advantages, and disadvantages. One character can have a bigger paddle while others can set up additional barriers. The goal is to knock the ball past your opponent’s paddle to deal damage. You win once their health bar is empty. There is another bar for special attacks. It will build up as you play and, if it gets full, you can do a more powerful attack.

For those who want to enjoy the visual novel part and erotic scenes more, you can play on “EZ Mode” which will make the minigame easier. “Text Mode” continues the minigame as a visual novel. Each time, you will choose the right or wrong option. The scenes you get are determined by how much you win or lose.

The minigame is a fully fleshed out playable game with 7 playable characters all with unique mechanics and special attacks. It was designed to simplify the feel of a fighting game into something easily approachable, so we mixed fighting game mechanics into an arcade style ping-pong/tennis kind of game.

Since we also wanted to evoke the feeling of a "couch-VS" gaming session, there's interaction buttons to trash-talk or distract Tainara mid-match, which affects the way she plays the game against you. The scenes you ultimately earn are based on your final win/loss count in the video game strip bet, so if you happen to be very skilled at this type of game, you might even want to loose on purpose a few times and see what happens! There are four "base" scenes with variations.

There is also an "EZ mode" and "Text Mode" available for those whom simply want to enjoy the story and view all the erotic scenes but are having trouble winning at the minigame.

You can play The Little Black Bestiary: A Playful Proposition for free on Itch.io.

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