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Romantic Comedy Visual Novel My Days with the Demoness Seeks Funding on Kickstarter

Blissful Work has opened up a crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming rom-com visual novel, My Days with the Demoness, on Kickstarter.

The startup indie company Blissful Work has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming visual novel, My Days with the Demoness. Their goal is to create a romantic comedy about a genius NEET Asaki, who’s trying to rebuild an interdimensional portal while a demoness attempts to help him fix his life.

The story of My Days with the Demoness begins with Asaki testing a full-sized version of the portal for the first time. It works initially, and the demoness Nero crosses through for the fun of it, but the portal breaks right after. Now Nero is trapped in our world and has to rely on Asaki fixing the portal in time for her exams. Nero doesn’t want to be in Asaki’s debt, and decides to help him put his life back in order.

To fully produce the visual novel, Blissful Work has to gather a minimum of $5,000 USD. At the time of writing they have already collected a little over a half of that, and have 28 days left. Publishing for the visual novel will be handled by Top Hat Studios in the West.

You can find out about the cast of My Days with the Demoness from character profiles and sample screenshots below:

You can read more about, and support, My Days with the Demoness on Kickstarter. So far, the team has gathered $2,274 out of $5,000. A pledge of $10 or more will net you a copy of the game upon release. If the project is able to surpass its goals and gather extra funding, Blissful Work plans to expand the story, animate hentai CGs, add opening and ending songs, and include partial voice acting.

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