You will never be the same again

A female ninja and a gloomy man live together in the visual novel NinNinDays now available uncensored on Denpasoft.

Developed by qureate and iMel Inc., NinNinDays is a visual novel that follows the comedic and sexual antics between a female ninja and the unfortunate protagonist that saved her. Back in the Sengoku Era, ninja were known as mercenaries that lurked in the shadows. They completed assassinations, espionage missions, and more to turn the tides of history for the lords they served.

While ninja had their role during the Sengoku Era of Japan, they have become irrelevant in the current age. Without requests for work, ninja villages have become a gathering of houses in the mountains. When Sumire’s father, the village chief, makes her leave the village to train, as was tradition among their ancestors, it becomes more than obvious that she is not ready for the city life. Without money or food, Sumire collapses on the side of the road. Luckily for her, she is saved by the main character. Unluckily for him, she’s indebted to him and she makes herself an unwanted guest in his home. Enjoy cohabitation with a sexy yet clumsy ninja girl who'll service you as long long as you have food and a bed.


CV:Mikan Nonaka

Height: 158cm

Weight: 42kg

Bust/Waist/Hip measurements: 86D/59/87

The only daughter of the Ninja Village chief.

Already has the sufficient qualities, ability and knowledge of a ninja, but is a natural clutz and always making mistakes.

Ordered to train by her father, she has left the ninja village hidden in the mountains and left for the city.

Leaving the mountains without any food or a coin in her pocket, she passes out from hunger.

There she is saved by the main character who happened to pass by.

In order to repay the debt of saving her life, she barges into the main character's house as an uninvited guest.

Loves to eat and is always pigging out!

This release of NinNinDays is mosaic free. You can purchase it on Denpasoft for the discounted price of $10.39. After September 2nd, the price will increase to $12.99.

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