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Patreon-funded developer Dream.Demon is working on a large scale platforming action-adventure, Monster Girl Project.

Dream.Demon is an independent developer trying to create a game that will let you explore a large world filled with monster girls, each being a potential love partner, and having her own story to discover. Simply titled Monster Girl Project, the game is being developed in an episodic fashion. Dream.Demon is creating the girls, their sex scenes, and gameplay challenges separately, with the plan being to unify them later into one, cohesive experience.

The protagonist of Monster Girl Project is Kid, a short human male, whose adventure leads him to encounter various monster girls. Of these monster girls, the ones currently in the game are the shark-like Aya, The Egyptian, Anubis-like Cle, and the aptly named Foxy.

Sex scenes in Monster Girl Project are fully 3D and allow for free camera panning and rotation, control of speed, and selection of poses. Alternatively, the game offers a selection of three preset camera views and a POV mode. This form of presentation is also used in some of the mini-games, like in Cle’s challenge to resist cumming during a footjob, or be killed otherwise. Other parts of gameplay take place on a plane with a fixed horizontal axis, where Kid can jump, slide, and swing his sword.

You can read more about Dream.Demon’s Monster Girl Project from their Patreon. Additionally, in the Patreon's first post, there are links to various demos you can download, each featuring a portion of the game’s content concerning one girl. Of these demos, the ones highlighted in yellow can be downloaded for free. Aya’s Theme features her on an interactive screen, where you can poke her or initiate a selection of sex scenes. Cle’s first stage is a mini-game about resisting footjobs, while her boss battle is a challenging fight taking place upon Kid’s first encounter with her. Foxy’s first scene is a handjob loop, and the mushroom minigame is a spin on Simon Says, with cheer-up footjobs should you fail.

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