If you build it, they will cum

Male Doll’s new gay adventure game takes you on a secret investigation in Agent Lovesdick, now available on Steam.

In Agent Lovesdick, there are rumors that the members of the Rebel Nymes Guild are secretly fucking each other, which, according to the Plymouth Town elders, is unacceptable, shameful, and a hazard to the natural family. For Mr. Trumpson, the richest businessman in town, this is an opportunity to increase his social standing and obtain the most respected position in Plymouth Town. As a result, he hires someone by hosting a tournament, where the last man standing earns the position. Our protagonist, Lovesdick, emerges the victor and is tasked with finding enough evidence to close the guild down. He knew what he was getting into, but he didn’t expect he would get so turned on by watching guys having sex. Now, it’s impossible for Lovesdick to separate business from pleasure.

There are turn-based battles in Agent Lovesdick, but are not how you earn experience points, instead earned through stealth quests. You will get the opportunity to stealth your way past eye monsters and avoid being seen by who you are tailing. If you bump into an eye monster, it will explode and take off a large portion of your health. If you can make it to the end without being seen, you will earn a lot of experience points.

The sex scenes are optional and some will need to be found in the game, while others can be obtained through a successful stealth quest. You can replay the scenes you have via the magic circle in town and view hints on how to find the other ones.


- Classic RPG Gameplay mixed with:

- Stealth Mechanics;

- Immersive Story and Characters;

- 10 Adult Scenes, some based on sexual fetishes (sex between humans and monsters, sex with tentacles, glory hole, pissing, and others);

- 30 Achievements;

- Side Quests;

- Day and Night System;

You can buy Agent Lovesdick on Steam for the discounted price of $5.09. After August 30th, the sale will end and the price will increase to $5.99. There is also a demo on Itch.io that you can try out.

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