a long fap ago on a pornsite far far away...

Recently on DLsite, developer circle Shimobashira Workshop has released an English version of Anthesis, an adventure game about sexual corruption.

Anthesis is an urban fantasy adventure game where you control an average high school girl. One day she mindlessly picked up a shiny bottle in the park. Turns out that the bottle contained a devil that was sealed inside it. Shortly after revealing himself, the devil demands that she works on opening the bottle. If she refuses, or takes too long doing so, he will use his powers to possess her body and do it himself.

To open the bottle, our heroine has to collect the energy of decadence, most easily gathered during sexual intercourse. Being an inexperienced virgin, she finds this task flustering and difficult. You will control her action over the span of 20 days. Her actions are limited by the amount of stamina she available per day, and spends points on everything done, from posting selfies to prostituting.

As you collect decadence, you will be able to slowly open seals inside the bottle, allowing you to unlock the devil’s magical powers. You can then control him while the heroine sleeps, to foster perversions and erase mental blockades within her mind.

Natsu (name can be changed) is an ordinary girl who was suddenly cursed by a demon.

Under constant threat, she is forced to collect must collect "Decadence" energy (DPT) for the demon.

Whether she wants to or not, she becomes embroiled in sexual situations,

and the flower of her heart begins to blossom as she awakens her slutty side.

This is an investigation game without battles, but with a limited number of days to act.

Seek out sexual event scenes (or don't), go to work, eat snacks, collect mysterious medals,

and do whatever you want until your time expires.

Depending on certain in-game values, the ending will change.

37 Base event CG images (all either clothed or half-nude)

5 endings, 4 bad endings

Over 100 sexual events (including step variations)

You can purchase Anthesis on DLsite for about $9.11, estimated from ¥972.

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