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Western Release of Romance Kinetic Novel Loca-Love: My Commuting Crush Has Been Postponed

Frontwing has commented on the delisting of Loca-Love: My Commuting Crush from Steam, which has led to postponing the release.

Earlier this month, the romance kinetic novel Loca-Love: My Commuting Crush had been delisted from Steam. The game’s developer and publisher Frontwing recently released a statement explaining the situation on Twitter. While their plans were to release the kinetic novel simultaneously in Japan and the Western market, issues arose during the Steam approval process, and the release will be postponed until they are resolved.

Loca-Love: My Commuting Crush is a sequel to Loca-Love My Cute Roommate. This time, Aoi Ichitaro, the protagonist of the previous story, moves in with his relatives after a disaster struck his apartment. Now, he lives so far from school that he has to take an hour-long train ride each day.

Luckily, he discovers that his school crush, the red-haired Aritagawa Nio, takes the same train. This gives him an excuse to approach her. Initially, she’s uninterested in Ichitaro, but one day she feels ill while at the station and Ichitaro offers to help her. From that moment on, she begins to slowly open up to him.

Fans of the first Loca-Love may realize that Nio appeared there as well. In fact, both games feature the same three girls: Ichitaro’s co-worker Kojika Hiwa, classmate Aritagawa Nio, and childhood friend Shizuki Yachiyo. Each title focuses on Ichitaro developing a sexual relationship with one of the three girls.

The first installment, Loca-Love My Cute Roommate, is still available on Steam and JAST USA for $19.99. The novel’s adult content is absent from the Steam version and has to be installed separately through a free patch available on JAST USA.

As of yet, Frontwing hasn’t given specific reasons for why exactly the sequel was denied approval by Steam.

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