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Azurezero's Match-3 Game Jigoro Released on Itch.io and DLsite

Seduce four babes into coming to your host club in the puzzle game, Jigoro, now available on Ich.io and DLsite.

Jigoro is a match-3 game where you play as the Jigoro, the owner of a failing host club. You’ll need to gain partnerships and find more clients to save your business. There are four different girls for you to seduce, who can be convinced into spreading their legs and their wallets for your pleasure. Negotiate with them and satisfy their specific desires.

During the match 3 sections, you will have access to power-ups and upgrades to help you while playing the game. These can be obtained through a gacha machine. There are also visual novel style cutscenes and animated CGs made with Live2D.

Jigoro has a "streamsafe mode" available, which censors all the lewd parts of the game, but keeps the dialogue box visible.

Alice, 19.

Alice runs her own bakery/cafe business.

Bright, bubbly, and buxom, Alice charms her way into the hearts of her customers. Her store sells top quality sweets at commoner prices.

Karin, 29

Karin made a name for herself as the Adventurers' Guild's administrator.

With her hands on approach and doing the work of 3 people, Karin quickly rose up the ranks to her current position. She always carries her pocket watch and times her schedule out to the minute, so try not to waste her time.

Suna, 23

Suna is a free spirit, just looking for a good time.

Having moved away from her desert village, Suna spends her time looking for new things to try. Currently resides in the public park.

Sister Lina, 21

Modest and hard working, spends her days toiling away for the church, and babysitting on her days off.

You can buy Jigoro for $6.00 on Itch.io and $11.14 on DLsite.

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