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Kagura Games has published Escape from Fortress Lugohm, a stealth RPG developed by baron sengia, on Steam, JAST USA, and FAKKU.

In Escape from Fortress Lugohm you play as a thief named Aisha, trying to escape the titular fortress. She was caught, or rather kidnapped, by the fortress’ guards while crossing Count Lugohm’s lands in a carriage, pretending to be a beggar. The dangerous count is a tyrant rumored to be a necromancer, making the imprisonment that much more dangerous.

While exploring the fortress, Aisha has to deal with locked doors and guards. Playing on normal difficulty you can lockpick mundane doors without a problem, but magical doors will require proper keys. Guards come in three varieties: careless ones will actually aid you with helpful tips, lusty guards can be seduced, and the valiant ones you have to sneak by or assassinate.

While sneaking, the player has to be wary of the enemies’ cone of vision. When she's in a bind, Aisha can use special skills. Stealth makes her completely invisible for 30 steps, allowing the use of a powerful backstab ability on enemies engaged from stealth. However, both of these skills cost technique points, a resource which can be tricky to recover.

Aisha can also acquire disguises to help her fool the guards. Though, if nothing works and she’s forced into combat, her chances of survival aren't too good, and defeat often ends in rape.


Aisha is a happy-go-lucky thief girl. She was on her way home after having completed a mission from the guild. However, on her way back, she was caught by the infamous Count Lugohm and his guards.

What will become of Aisha? Will Aisha be able to escape from the impregnable Fortress Lugohm?

Find out in this Stealth Survival RPG brought to you in native English!



● A Stealth Survival RPG Experience

● Assassination System

● Multiple Difficulty Levels

● And Multiple Methods to Escape!

You can purchase Escape from Fortress Lugohm on Steam, JAST USA, and FAKKU for $8.49 at 15% off until the 22 of August. After the promotion, the game will cost $9.99 at full price.

The Steam version of the game has been censored. You can decensor it by installing a free patch from the publisher’s website.

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