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Nutaku has released Booty Slayers, a tower defense game featuring an eroge visual novel for its story mode.

In Booty Slayers you take control of a pirate crew that finds itself constantly hunted down by various naval forces. As waves of enemies come, you build towers which will automatically attack the enemy. Your ship will also defend itself and has access to three abilities limited by cooldowns, which will help you beat the oncoming waves. If any enemy manages to board your ship, it’s game over. Killing approaching enemies produces gold, which is used to build and upgrade towers. Missions have four difficulty modes, including a daily difficulty randomly assigned to one mission. It contains special limitations, such as restricting you to using only two out of the four tower types.

In between key missions, you will see lewd cutscenes in a visual novel style that follow the life of the laid back captain, Mason Hawke. Extra erotic scenes can be unlocked by leveling up your ace pilots. Those are especially skilled girls in your crew, who passively increase the power of your special skills depending on their level.

Upgrades can be done to individual towers and abilities as well through a linear upgrade tree. The game features four tower types: Gunners who work as single target DPS, Bombardiers dealing area of effect damage, Chemical Towers that slow enemies, and Magical Towers that ignore armor.

• Join the Sea Drake crew and enjoy excitement filled adventures on every level you unlock.

• High quality visual novel style storytelling, gorgeous graphics, H-Scenes and engaging gameplay.

• Call on reinforcements! Use upgradable heroes, Flying Aces, to help you in your quest. Bonus: level them up and receive exciting H-scenes with each.

• Gear up, win Tournaments and feast your eyes on the rewards; Unique and blood-pumping H-scenes are waiting for you!

• Characters with heart and humor, stories with steam and soul.

• Pop Culture Easter Eggs! Can you spot them all?

• Huge Tech Tree to upgrade all towers and pirate powers.

• Overpowered artefact abilities.

• Regular events and updates.

...and much, much more!

You can play Booty Slayers for free on Nutaku.

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