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Sun-Riviera Studios returns to fund the god dating sim, Ascension: The gods walk this earth, on Kickstarter.

Back in May, Sun-Riviera Studios made a Kickstarter campaign for their visual novel, Romance Divine. After thinking the project over, they decided to change the game into a dating sim with puzzles and RPG elements. Thus, when the Kickstarter was relaunched, the title was renamed to Ascension: The gods walk this earth.

The story is set in a modernized world where humans and gods walk the earth. After trying to flirt with Aphrodite and failing miserably, you are approached by Apollo, god of the sun. He takes pity on you and decides to help you with the ladies. In this open world, you are free to take on any of the heroines that are available to you. You can either plan ahead or sample each girl and play at your own pace.

Ascension: The gods walk this earth has a “combat/dating” system. Like standard dating sims, you are able to talk to, give gifts, and go on dates with girls if she is available. Each day is separated into four time sections: morning, midday, evening, and night. Each god can be found at certain locations and times of day. In the beginning, finding each girl will be difficult when you are figuring out where she will appear next; the more you meet with her and the higher her affection is, the easier she is to find.

When you reach a certain amount of affection, she will send you selfies that will get even more lewd as her affection grows. To gain affection you need to go on dates with her. These dates take the form of a match-3 puzzle battle between you and the god you’re dating. Your goal is to break through her defenses and attack her weaknesses. She will try to lower your confidence to zero, after which the date is over. You also have access to “Wingman,” which can either heal your confidence or attack your date in some way. After earning enough affection and going on dates, you will be rewarded with an H-scene.

Feature Overview

- 8 Beautiful female gods with unique preferences, interests, storyline and challenges to overcome to date! Can you win them all over?

- 10 in-game locations that you can visit to find the god of your dreams! Visit the park, go the beach, a bar, Cafe and more!!

- Backgrounds will change with the time of day!

- Unlock a variety of "Wingmen", gods who are willing to help you "get some" at a price.

- Unlock new outfits, hairstyles and more by reaching milestones and getting achievements!

- Use your handy dandy cell phone for information organization, gathering and execution!

- As you continue your journey, increase your traits with points gained from training or from successful dates to give yourself an edge against the tougher gods to win them over! Not all gods are equal, it may be impossible to beat one at first, but with enough dedication, anything is possible! Unlock special skills as you become more skilled!

- In-depth, thought and strategy intensive match 3 puzzle dating system where you face off against the girl you're dating!

- Collect a variety of gifts to increase you chances of winning!

- Gain money through working jobs to buy bonus stats during a date, gifts, or bribing wingmen!

Sun-Riviera Studios is asking for $20,000 to fund Ascension: The gods walk this earth. This is $5,000 more than Romance Divine because of how much more they need to make this game. The title will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. If funded, they plan to release the game on, Steam, and other adult game websites.

The campaign ends on August 28th. If you are interested in funding Ascension: The gods walk this earth or want to learn more about it, check out the Kickstarter page for more information.

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