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LeafCascade Opens Kickstarter for Cerulean Days, a Romance and Mystery Visual Novel

Cerulean Days, a visual novel about people adapting to a world without the Internet, is being funded on Kickstarter.

Cerulean Days is a visual novel with multiple endings that takes place on an island in the Atlantic Ocean called Inre Island. It was a tranquil island, where the citizens are well off and the only way outsiders could visit is if they are wealthy enough to afford it and qualify for a special visa. In 2018, a lethal virus released by bio-terrorists takes out twenty percent of the island’s population over the course of six months.

With mass panic and barely any information on the incident, the only thing people know is that the Internet allowed the attack to happen. This leads the Inre government to monitor the Internet in order to find the culprits. Once they were found and executed, the government shut down access to the Internet completely. This action closes Inre Island off from the rest of the world.

In 2020, after access to the Internet was shut down, the government issued a new system to replace it that can make major changes in the islanders’ lives. There are still people who can’t adapt to a world without the Internet, clinging to something they’ve lost. While they lost their online lives, can they build new relationships they never would have made before the shutdown? Michael and Séverine are two students who are still trying to adapt as they discover the true effects of 2018. While digging through conspiracies and their tragic past, they will uncover the truth and open themselves to new emotions.

LeafCascade is asking for $12,016 to fund Cerulean Days. If they exceed this amount before the deadline, there are three stretch goals that will add additional content. At $14,000, there will be more sprite poses and outfits for the heroines to wear, such as swimsuits. At $16,000, LeafCrusade will develop a full opening and ending movie with original music and artwork. At $22,000, there will be an 18+ version of Cerulean Days, so the steamy moments don’t get excluded from the game. LeafCrusade will also look into what kinds of 18+ content that might go well with the story.


Séverine - A creative and intelligent girl working as a professional pastry chef in a luxurious mall. Due to strict schooling and an arduous upbringing, she has a habit of setting a high bar for both herself and those around her. She has a bold side to her, but typically only lets it show around people she's comfortable with. Her past is filled with loneliness, but found comfort in chatting with like-minded people online. Due to the changes to Inre Island, and their effects on the social landscape, she is put in a position she's unfamiliar with. And she does not like it.

Grace - A kind-hearted and bubbly woman working at Inre City High School. For three years, she was Michael's homeroom teacher. After a tragic personal crisis of Michael's, Grace offers him all the support a grieving one could wish for. Since that day, they've lived in harmony under the same roof. Since that day, they've found solace in each other's company. Since that day, they've been an uncommon "family".

Rose - A cheerful full-time streamer meets an internet-less society. Confusion about life ensues. Her online community – her everything – is forever gone. Rose is lost, and knows not how to get out of the pit she has been put in. And her stubbornness makes everything all the more difficult! Will she adapt? Or will she remain stuck, holding onto fragments of her past?

The Kickstarter for Cerulean Days ends on September 8th. So far, as of writing, the campaign is sitting at $2,981 of the $12,016 goal. It's set up as an "all or nothing" campaign meaning the project will only be funded if it meets the goal by the time it ends.

If you are interested in funding or learning more about the project, check out LeafCrusade’s Kickstarter page. There is also a demo available for PC, Mac, and Linux users.

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