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Developer circle Cinderalle Castle released an English version of their action platformer about a gynoid gone haywire, Arms Bless.

Arms Bless is an action platformer in which you control a sarcastic and heavily armed gynoid discovering the world for the first time. The game consists of a series of open 2D levels, filled with aggressive opponents and tight jumps, as well as occasional and largely difficult boss fights.

The heroine of Arms Bless was created by a team of weeb scientist hoping to create the ideal super-weapon and waifu in one go, but found her unwillingness to kill people and use of sarcasm as fatal flaws. She disagreed with their plans to scrap her and escaped the laboratory.

Named Beth, our gynoid protagonist is armed with a close-range steel whip and a gun for an arm. As you progress through the game, she unlocks access to other, cooldown-based weapons, including a laser cannon and a deployable turret that shoots bullets in all directions. If the arsenal proves too weak to defeat certain enemies, Beth will end up raped by them in animated, pixel-art sex scenes containing fetishes as hardcore as the gameplay itself.

You can learn more about Arms Bless from the official description and sample screenshots below:

In the year 20xx...

In a secret research laboratory, the ultimate weapon was created

Her name was Beth

She was a masterpiece, born to kill

But she wouldn't follow orders, and so was branded a failure

Beth fought back against her creators, and escaped the laboratory

Then set out on a journey to the human world - To live as a human

A lengthy demo of Arms Bless is available on DLsite, with the full version priced at about $13.27, estimated from ¥1,404.

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