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FAKKU Is Bringing Back the Classic Dating Sim True Love

FAKKU confirmed in a tweet that the company will be publishing a re-release of Software House Parsley’s classic dating sim, True Love.

In a vast ocean of linear visual novels, FAKKU has announced via Twitter that they will be reviving Software House Parsley's True Love. This is exciting news for fans of classic dating sims. Today’s tweet was a follow-up to a blog post made last month on the FAKKU forums. The tweet links to the now updated post which added the official trailer for the game.

Originally released in 1995 and published by JAST, True Love puts players in the role of a less than stellar guy who has been thrown out by his parents and forced to fend for himself. Each day, you must plan out your routine to build up various stats and make yourself appealing to the lady of your choice.

Below is the text from the original forum post.

With its 25th anniversary coming up in 2020, this is your chance to experience one of the grandes dames of the dating sim genre!

The main character is a single, nineteen-year-old Japanese college senior living in the fictional city of Meiai, forced out by his parents at the idea that independence may attract him a partner. On top of his quest to find a girlfriend, he is also indecisive about what direction to go in his academics. The game is played through a series of virtual days, consecutively spanning three months. At the start of each morning, players designate an activity to pursue for evening, night, and in the case of weekends or vacation, daytime: studying, practicing art, exercising, grooming, recreation, taking a break, going to work, shopping or fulfilling a promise. Each choice affects the overall being of the player at the conclusion of the day, and points are distributed among stats for passion, appearance, fatigue, scholarship, strength and art. Depending on the level of these stats, and the order of schedules made during particular days, the player will shift their romantic focus and possibly trigger nonlinear events and encounters over time. In addition, working generates income and shopping allows the player to voluntarily spend their money on items for themselves or to give as gifts.

An exact release date and price are still unknown at the time of writing. Though, we'll be sure to keep you updated.

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