Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

DLsite has launched a crowdfunding campaign to kickstart translation efforts towards Megami Soft’s foxgirl relationship simulator, Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko.

In a first for them, DLsite has launched a worldwide Kickstarter campaign. Their goal is to gather the necessary funds to localize Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko, a relationship simulator developed by Megami Soft. This follows the game’s previous Japanese Kickstarter, which gathered funds to embellish the game with live 2D animation, succeeding in its goal and ultimately reaching 500% of its funding goal.

Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko is largely a visual novel. You play as Konoko’s only human friend, and a member of her good deeds club at school. You can choose from a variety of ways to spend time with Konoko, from talking and having tea, to patting her head and bathing together. What you can do depends on the state of your relationship. You begin as friends, and Konoko slowly opens up to you.

"Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko" is game which focuses on Japanese aesthetic themes such as "Wabi," "Sabi" and "Moe." At its core, it is all about enjoying "Kawaii" (cuteness).

- You can enjoy an authentic Japanese style school life experience (WABI)

- and also the fleeting time between day and night, evening after school club life. (SABI)

- With one of Japan's most iconic "Monmusu" (Monster Girls). A Foxgirl. Your day to day communication with this lonely lass will slowly but surely open her heart and... (MOE)

Through this game, you will surely be overcome by the feeling of... "Kawaii!"

Two demo builds of Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko are available on the Kickstarter page: one is an in-browser presentation of the animation system, the other requires downloading, and showcases the gameplay in more detail. If you choose to support the game, a pledge of ¥2.000 (about $19) will grant you a digital copy of the game upon release.

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