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Shinachiku-castella’s RPG Maker game, Tina - Swordswoman of the Scarlet Prison, is now available on Steam, FAKKU, and JAST USA.

Developed by Shinachiku-castella and published by Kagura Games, Tina - Swordwoman of the Scarlet Prison follows Tina, a swordswoman who travels from village to village solving the local problems. After defeating an evil witch, she investigates the village of Durham, where criminal behavior has risen at an unnatural rate. Nice and ordinary townspeople have been doing the worst of crimes and it’s time for Tina to investigate. To make matters worse, the witch she thought she killed has returned to cause more trouble.

Tina - Swordswoman of the Scarlet Prison has a classic RPG style. Play as two different characters as you explore this fantastical world and experience the story from two different points of view. You are given the option to skip chapters and retry the battles you were defeated in.

After successfully dealing with an evil witch, Tina is tasked with investigating Durham, a village dealing with a surge of crime.

Before long, she begins to notice that ordinary people are the ones turning to criminal behavior.

To make things worse, the witch she had thought she defeated has reemerged!


- Classic RPG experience

- Explore a fantasy village and castle

- Engaging story

- Two playable characters

- Chapter skip function

- Battles can be retried if defeated

- Includes exclusive additional content from the 2.0 version

You can buy Tina - Swordswoman of the Scarlet Prison on Steam, FAKKU, and JAST USA for the discounted price of $11.99. After August 8th, the sale on Steam will end and the price will return to its original $14.99. You can download the free 18+ patch for the Steam version from Kagura Games.

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