You will never be the same again

Game development circle Kemuriya has released an English version of EDEN, a hardcore eroge RPG with elements of comedy.

EDEN is an RPG set in a fantasy world. You control Hero, an adventurer living with three girls deeply in love with him. One day, they receive a quest to slay the Demon King. As they prepare for their journey, a mysterious woman appears and strikes a deal with Hero. She wants to corrupt the world, and to accomplish that, she will need Hero to exploit his companions throughout his journey, in exchange for her help.

The gameplay of EDEN is standard for turn-based RPGs. You explore an open world, solve puzzles in dungeons and slay monsters for experience, with levels granting linear upgrades. Girls can be customized by changing their hair color, breast and butt size, as well as changing their equipment, which reflects on the character sprites.

You can find out more about the game from the official description and screenshots below:

This is an exploration-based RPG with intense hardcore erotica.

You become a hero and set out on an adventure accompanied by Jeanne, Chris and Charlotte.

Right before your departure, the dubious goddess Legacy appears in front of you......

* Game

- An exploration-based RPG with open-ended scenarios.

- Estimated playtime is approx. 2 hours for the shortest route, and approx. 5 hours for completion of all events.

There are 4 endings total.

- The sex scenarios are hard-core yet comical.

- Character portraits change based on equipment and status!

- Employs symbol encounter system. Many erotic events happen even during battles!

- Characters are mostly female! 10x monster graphics with variations for 100+!

- Cheat functions are implemented: Unlock all H events, obtain all items, max-out levels!

- Being defeated in a battle does equal game over; Legacy will empower one of your party members.

- You can take NPCs into your house when certain events are finished.

They support your adventure by powering up your party and selling you goods!

- Multiple playthroughs, difficulty levels, and achievements!

- Bonus artworks of all H event CG and monsters are included!

* Erotic Event Situations

- Protagonist can become an old man or a sh*ta with magic

- Ordinary sex

- Hypnosis

- Corruption

- Brainwash with the mask

- Becoming monster

- Becoming evil

Also includes short H events with characters other than the three heroines!

22 base CG (612 CG total)

53 events

Lots of pose art illustrations

EDEN is available on DLsite for about $17.22, estimated from ¥1,836. A demo of the game is available on the store page.

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