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Hanako Games has published England Exchange on DLsite. It’s a romance visual novel by Hanabira, originally released in 2017.

England Exchange is a romance visual novel set in modern day England. The story is told from the perspective of an American student taking a semester abroad. You get to choose between a male or female protagonist, both of whom can date any of the seven romance options.

The protagonist’s life revolves around the daily shenanigans at the decent but crowded motel, their job as a hotel maid, and studying at an English university. To them, this is a chance to try new things, find new interests, and even experiment with love, given how they’re going to leave it all behind in half a year anyway.

Romantic interests include: Danny, a helpful and handsome man; Angelo, a nice dark-skinned guy with engraved gender stereotypes; Ashley and Brendon, who work as bartenders; Peggy, a talkative petite freshman; Ji Hyo, a quirky artist; Aasi, a toxic party girl; and Mark, a soft guy bad at expressing his intentions.

You can learn more about the England Exchange from the official description and screenshots below:

As a college student from New York, you have decided to broaden your horizons by

spending a semester overseas in England. You will be living and working in a student hostel with other young people from around the world.

Will you find a new purpose in life, or end up betrayed and heartbroken?

Your choices determine the course of the plot in this romantic comedy visual novel.

Choice of male or female protagonist.

Eight possible love interests to pursue Date same-sex or opposite-sex characters as you prefer Romances have different outcomes based on your decisions.

You can now purchase England Exchange on DLsite for $11.93. It is also available on Hanako Games website, and Steam for $15. The publisher’s website and also offer lengthy demos if you'd like to try it out first.

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