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Nuruhachi Pon Pon has released an English version of their eroge action RPG Monster Hunter Sapphire.

Monster Hunter Sapphire is an action RPG set in a fantasy world. You take control over Sapphire, a monster hunter who decides to enter the land of Mauria in search of her father’s killer. She won’t be able to turn back, though, as the land is infested by demons carrying a deadly plague.

Exploration of the in-game world takes place from a top-down view. Sapphire can interact with people to take quests or shop for equipment. Running into a monster during exploration will trigger a side view combat mode. There, Sapphire can move around, attack, and block attacks from enemies. Hitting the escape key will pause the game, allowing for spellcasting and using items. Winning battles grants EXP and loot. Upon leveling up, Sapphire earns points which cab be invested in various combat disciplines that unlock new abilities at certain milestones.

The game’s hentai content comes from Sapphire’s interactions with the townsfolk. People of Mauria are mostly criminals sent into exile. Many of them lack morals, and gladly exploit the warrior woman. You can learn more about Monster Hunter Sapphire from the official descriptions and sample screenshots below:

-- Prologue

Mauria: a land infested with monsters and demons wrecking havoc on humankind.

Losing her father who died as part of the monster extermination squad

Sapphire swears revenge on Demon Edy

and arrive to the village her father was last seen.

Sapphire jumps into action with a vaccine against demons.

Searching for clues on Demon Edy who killed her father,

Sapphire investigates the village to find the folk there

were quirky to say the least.

-- Game System

This is an RPG that goes into Action RPG

when you run into a symbol.

Class Change

Sapphire has the power to change class.

You can change class half way into the story.

Available classes are Magic Knight, Paladin, Wizard, and Samurai.

Her outfit will change as well.

Each class comes with a tight outfit a woman warrior would want.

You can select the difficulty.

Depending on the difficulty it will take around 10 hours to complete the game.

-- Erotic Scenes

The men in Mauria are all pervs and you will be subjected to spontaneous, vigorous assault.

(Peeping, gadget violations, anal assault, fucked during sleep, etc.

There're plenty of ways to violate Sapphire.

Complete with scene playbacks.

Additionally, making a living as a hunter fighting monsters

comes with the risk of beastly molestations.

You can purchase Monster Hunter Sapphire on DLsite for $9.81 at 10% off until August 26th. After which, it will cost $10.90 at full price.

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