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Neoclassic Games Has Released Their Casual Puzzle Game, Anime Artist, on Steam

Sketch, color, uncover, and collect art of sexy anime girls in Anime Artist, now available on Steam.

In Anime Artist the goal is to completely uncover images of girls with your tools before time runs out. You’ll be shown a picture that you will need to memorize. After that, use your draw tool to reveal the outline of picture. Next, use your brush tool to add the right colors to the correct areas. If you mess up, you end up wasting time. Finally, use the rubber tool to remove the girl’s clothes for a more risque look. Collect more images and beat your previous scores to unlock new levels.

Neoclassic Games plans to add more art to the game for free and as paid DLC. The one DLC available now is the Ultra Lewd Pack. It includes five new levels, featuring erotic images, and access to new adult material that they plan to add to the game later.

Ready to become an Anime Artist?

Have you ever tried drawing those sexy anime characters? Now you can!

Anime Artist lets you Sketch, Color and Collect anime artworks. Practice makes perfect! This is your ultimate chance to become an Anime Master.

Of course, things are going to be challenging sometimes. You'll need to draw and color enough of the artwork, or the next stage will not unlock. Moreover, some pictures will be harder than others, and there will be three degrees of success for each one.

For those who will find the challenge too tough, there will be two different ways to get help during the game.

Can you successfully draw all the artworks in the game? How fast can you do it? Complete the collection and fill up your gallery! We plan to continually add artworks to the game, both free and via DLCs, in order to give you the best value over time possible!

As our ultimate goal we will be adding mod support to our game!

Imagine uploading your own art and sharing it with your friends; sounds good right?

You can purchase Anime Artist on Steam for the discounted price of $1.79. After August 2nd, the price will increase back to $1.99. The Ultra Lewd Pack DLC is being sold for $0.99.

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