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Neko Works has released LOVE³ -Love Cube-, a visual novel that follows a failed hentai artist as he tries to turn his life around, on the Steam store.

The protagonist of LOVE³ -Love Cube- is Ichinari Tsuzurigi, a hentai mangaka who fails to sell his work. In spite of his talent and a magazine serialization, he usually goes hungry. Keeping him alive is his busty editor. One day she offers him a job as an assistant to the currently most popular hentai artist. As it turns out, both the artist and their second assistant are Ichinari’s friends from the past. All three of the girls secretly hold feelings for him as well.

LOVE³ -Love Cube- is mostly a slice of life romance novel, with slight supernatural elements. It uses live 2D animation for character sprites, and featured animated sex scenes. Below, you can find the girls' official profiles and sample screenshots.

Iori Shitaka

CV:Momo Hayama

"A childhood friend that may look like the calm and collected type, but in reality she's easy to make blush."

Ultra-popular and one of the most famous adult manga artists in the industry. As childhood friends, she and Ichinari made a promise to pursue their dreams to become manga artists. She continued to work her hardest, with that promise and those feelings in the back of her mind, and before she knew it...she was drawing erotic manga?! Still, believing that if she continues drawing manga she'll one day be reunited with Ichinari, she pours her heart and soul into her porn. Sometimes she worries about the number of pairs of panties she gets through when she's working alone...

Nodoka Amabane

CV:Chacha Warabi

"A sweet yet sexy vixen on the outside, but inside she's pure, innocent (?) and hopelessly devoted to her Senpai."

A manga artist in one of the most popular dojinshi circles in the fan comics world. Ichinari was her Senpai and the only other member in their high school's manga club. He graduated before she could work up the courage to confess her feelings to him, but she's kept drawing manga to this day in the hope that she would meet him again. She was always a diamond in the rough, but she's now polished up nicely. Her path to drawing dojin was opened up to her by a scene in a magical girl anime where the heroine was tormented by the enemy, and behind her sweet outward appearance lies hidden - and kinky - depths!

Akira Higashibojo

CV:Mei Hanazono

"This powerful woman isn't to be trifled with, but as Ichinari's Onee-chan she tends to let him get away with almost anything."

Ichinari and Iori's editor. Being super into judo, she's never afraid to be blunt and get straight to the point. Ichinari was her first client, and she soon found herself falling for him. She's got that big sister vibe to her and, although she can come down on him harshly, mostly she's putty in Ichinari's hands. Her company never refund her expenses, and she's always crying about her meager salary and terrible working conditions.

You can download a demo of LOVE³ -Love Cube- from Steam. The full version can be purchased for $9.99, and the adult content has to be bought separately as a DLC for the same price.

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