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Nutaku released Project QT, a collectible puzzle RPG involving schoolgirls and monster girls.

The events of Project QT are triggered by a failed experiment in the arctic, which released a dangerous virus onto the world. This virus ended up creating various monsters, including monster girls. As the only man immune to the virus, it is your job to apprehend them, and pleasure them into obedience.

The game itself is a collectible puzzle RPG. You create a team of four deadly schoolgirls, and use them to fight waves of enemies in a match-3 system. By dragging your finger through icons representing damage types, you increase the attack power of your girls for their next attack. Special icons will help you clear more of the board, or heal your team. Each girl also has a cooldown-based ability that can buff your party, or attack the enemy directly.

Winning fights will award you items used to rank up your girls, resources to spend, and girl fragments used to unlock new party members, or improve those already owned, which will give them a lewder appearance. Additional fragments and items can be acquired from quests, achievements and the gacha system.

Beating multiple stages will grant you access to monster girls. By gifting them items you can level up their skills, which improve your entire party. Meeting specific conditions will also unlock videos — short looped animations of pleasuring the monster girl in question. The game also includes PvP features.

You can find out more from the official description and screenshots below:

About Project QT

What do a black hole experiment in the Arctic, a gateway to a different dimension and a space virus have in common? A bunch of hot monster girls, that's what!

Join the fight in a world on the verge of chaos, chase after the sexiest schoolgirls this side of the multiverse and fuck your way to victory!

Key Features

- 1 ★ ~ 5 ★ rarity system – evolve your monster girls by using memory fragments!

The higher the rarity, the less clothes your monster girls wear, so upgrade away!

- 8 monster girls available, each with 3~6 Hscene videos!

Unlock their kinky videos by upgrading their Loyalty and Skill levels.

Gifts increase their Skills (duh!), while Seduction Tools make them Loyal to you and only you!

- Interactive Hscenes that are sure to get you going! Make your monster girls cum by tapping the screen in several of their scenes!

You can play Project QT on Nutaku for free, unfortunately the game is only available to play on Android devices.

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