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After the developer of the boy’s love visual novel, Sentimental Trickster, fell ill, Y Press Games offered a helping hand at finishing the project.

In July of 2016, Justyna Pustelnik launched a Kickstarter campaign for Sentimental Trickster, a boy’s love visual novel about a spunky young guy moving into a big city to study art. In spite of the campaign’s success, the development has recently entered hiatus, as Justyna’s health declined. Suffering from a dangerous illness, she decided to seek help with finishing the project. She was then approached by Y Press Games, who promised to help her complete the visual novel.

In a lengthy statement, Yamila Abraham, the owner of Y Press Games, explains that she suffered from the same illness in the past; however, while Yamila is eager to bring Sentimental Trickster to fruition, she admits that her writing style differs heavily from Justyna’s. For that reason, Y Press Games won’t take over the entire development process and will rely on Justyna to finish writing the script at her own pace.

My main concern was the completion of the script. Justyna’s narrative writing style is extremely different from my dialogue and thought only writing style. . . . If I had tried to take over the writing, I know backers would be able to tell the difference no matter how hard I attempted to adapt to her style.

Because of this, Justyna has agreed to complete the script as part of our agreement. This is the most ideal situation. It will allow me to create a game where it will be difficult for players to tell that a different developer has taken over mid-way. However, this does come with a cost.

[. . .]

I am not giving Justyna a deadline to finish the script. I know she will proceed with the task organically, when the muse strikes her, and I know that my partnership with her will be enough motivation for her to complete it. She has a passion for this story.

According to the statement, line art for all CGs has been finished, and all but one of the backgrounds have been completed. They expect to finish the project quickly once the script is completed, and promise to deliver all backer codes upon release.

You can read Yamila Abraham’s entire statement on the Sentimental Trickster Kickstarter page.

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