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Endless Taboo is Creating the Point-and-Click Adventure Game Lust Man Standing

Survive the end of the world and get laid in Endless Taboo’s in-development adventure game, Lust Man Standing.

Lust Man Standing is a first-person point and click adventure game where you make choices that can affect your relationships and survival. You play as a man, whose name can be chosen by the player, waking up after being in a coma for two weeks. You have amnesia and find a girl, searching through your hospital room. She introduces herself as Kaylie and tells you that there has been an infection that wiped out the entire male population in the span of two weeks. Those who are infected turn into zombies that attack indiscriminately and anyone who gets bitten turns into one as well. After getting dressed, Kaylie takes you home to help you find your family. Instead, you find a girl, whose name and relationship to you can also be chosen, sleeping in a bed. When you wake her up, she hugs and tells you how much she missed you.

The gameplay in Lust Man Standing focuses on simple point-and-click gameplay, the choices you make, and the energy you have to make those choices. Traveling from place to place, searching for supplies, and exertion can use up energy. The food you find while scavenging is saved in your inventory and distributed between you and your companions. You choose when to scavenge for supplies and you decide how much food you and your companions eat. These survival choices can improve or damage your relationships with the girls you meet.

Each girl has their own personality and character arc. To get them to like you, choose the right dialogue options and help them out. Doing favors for them and getting to know them will improve your relationship and may even lead to love.

The game takes place weeks after an infection wiped out the entire male population and turned them into zombies. You are the last man alive! You are free to explore the city and interact with women from different factions. Since each survivor has unique personality and their own character arc, you'll have the opportunity to explore a variety of fetishes.

You will need to carefully choose your decisions on your quest of lust, survival and maybe even love.

You can download the public version of Lust Man Standing and support the game’s development by heading to Endless Taboo’s Patreon page.

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