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Cherry Kiss Games has released one of Miel’s latest visual novels, Hot & Steamy Knights, an isekai about corrupting busty adventurers.

Originally released a few months ago in Japan, Hot & Steamy Knights is now available worldwide on Steam. The game is a sequel to Miel’s previous visual novel, which never received a translation. Fortunately, the sequel's simple premise doesn’t require knowledge about its predecessor.

The protagonist is an average pervert who was transported to a fantasy world, filled exclusively with females. There, he corrupted the local queen and her mother, taking over their kingdom; however, his lust for sex slaves is unfulfilled. Once he learns about a group of busty adventurers being revered across the sea, he decides to embark on a conquest to enslave the girls and take the lands they inhabit. Then, his boat is destroyed by a sea monster, and he washes up ashore, armed only with his wits.

Hot & Steamy Knights is a nukige centered on harsh sex and the corruption of noble heroes: a knight, a dark elf rogue, a compassionate priestess, and a noble spear wielder. It features 20 CGs and Japanese voice acting. You can learn more from the official description and screenshots below:

The call of adventure (or "the urge to meet hot babes") burns brightly in our hero's heart as he sets out to sea to explore distant lands! He quickly finds himself in danger as his ship is sunk by some sort of sea monster... Luck is on his side however, as he is washed up on an island where he quickly encounters some beautiful warriors who made short work of the beast that sunk his ship. So begins our hero's plan to spend some hot and steamy nights with these busty mature knights!

- Over 20 steamy scenes with Brigitte, Pamela, Sheila, and Martina sometimes all four at the same time.

- Includes all original Japanese voice-overs for all the dialogue.

- HD upscaled images with 16:9 and 4:3 variants.

- Gallery and Scene selections.

- Customize-able name for the male protagonist.

You can purchase Hot & Steamy Knights on Steam for $11.99.

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