Daddy is coming

A small team of independent developers is working on a dungeon crawling game filled with animal-eared girls titled Guild Project.

Guild Project takes place in a loosely defined fantasy world. A world where we follow a group of lady adventurers helping the local guild protect the population of a newly established town. In this largely unexplored part of the country, the guild has discovered presence of aggressive, animal-like females. From bunny to bear girls, these people threaten the lives of new settlers.

When defeated, these monster girls transform into crystals that, when used with magic aperture, produce lewd animated images featuring the defeated monster. As the player, you get to explore grid-based dungeons and control the team of three girls during turn-based battles, all in order to collect these lewd crystals for research. Each girl has unique abilities and levels automatically as she collects experience.

You can find out more about the Guild Project from the official description and screenshots below:

The game is being developped using Unity and takes place in a fantasy themed world.

The story will revolve around newcomers to The Adventurer's Guild, their interactions with each other and how they work their way towards becoming accomplished guild members/adventurers.

The game will features the following content : Medieval, Fantasy, Magic, RPG, 2D Dungeon crawling

Even though the Allies/Enemies characters are all set to be Females, Males characters will have their part in CGs and Scenes, but they will not be as fully represented with armors like our Heroines.

Expect the following adult content (not exhaustive list) : Solo/Multiple character(s), Clothed or Nude variations, MxF, FxF, Monster Girls

You can download a demo of the Guild Project from If you’d like to support the project, you can do so on Patreon.

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