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Break down a stubborn prince’s pride and psyche and make him into a submissive fuck toy in Pride and Submission.

Pride and Submission focuses on Ray and Dietrick, both of whom can have their name changed. After Ray was passed over as the next heir to the throne and disowned by his father because of his bad attitude, he went to find the First Stone. According to legend, it is a stone that gives the user enough power to destroy the laws of the universe and God hid it in the Dark Forest, a dangerous forest full of powerful monsters. Ray picks a fight with a monster that mocks him and ends up injured and humiliated. The monster, Dietrick, is intrigued by Ray, not only because of his body, but his arrogance and ability to resist his mind control. He decided to train him into being an obedient sex slave.

Ray has stats that you will need to keep track of when you train him each day — which are energy, water, food, pride, and psyche. Depending on what you do, your stats will increase or decrease. Take care of Ray’s needs and make sure his energy, water, or food stats don't reach the negatives or else you’ll be forced to let Ray rest for a day. Decreasing his pride will make him more willing to degrade himself and decreasing his psyche will make him more open to Dietrick’s mind control. Fuck, discipline, tease, and toy with Ray to break him. As his stats change, Ray will act differently in sex scenes and watering, and feeding scenes. All scenes in the game are animated.

ViVi Game plans to add options for urethral teasing and a gentle option for the feeding and watering scenes. There will also be more events and extensions for Pride and Submission, which will take place after the main story. The extensions are called Pride and Submission: Slave Market and Pride and Submission: The Alliance. Pride and Submission: School Fight is not an extension, but it does have the same characters from the series.

Pride and Submission: Slave Market

Happens few months later after the ending of Pride and Submission. The monster decides to sell the prince to a slave market to get him trained properly

Pride and Submission: The Alliance

_One day, the mysterious demon send a monster to the Dark Forest to invite the monster and the prince to his castle.

_ The monster accepts and forces the prince to go with him.

_ All the game secret till now will be prevailed here.

_In this version, it's not only the prince and the monster play s/m with each other. There are a lot more characters in this version.

Pride and Submission: School Fight

_Same characters but the event take place at an all male school full of delinquents and gangs. The prince will continue to have Prince as his nickname for his family wealth, as well as his learning and fighting ability. Even though he is a lone wolf, almost everyone try to avoid him. The only person who friendly toward him is a normal student names Nine.

The school had 2 biggest gangs, one lead by The Demon Brothers (the mysterious Demon and Ken), the other lead by Xenom. The monster comes to the school as a new teacher. He soon finds out that although the Demon Brothers and Xenom had lots of followers, they are not much of a pain in the ass, unlike The Prince. He decides to teach The Prince how to behave.

Because the school is a crowded place, there is a lot of fun things to do, like make the prince wear a vibrator while in class, have sex at the library. Aside from the monster, the prince can have sex with other sadist/ cute character, as well as the monster. When I reach this version, I'll think more about it.

(Some new characters never come to the Dark Forest but appeared in the game ending of Pride and Submission: The Alliance will be here as well, so as Ren, The Prince's younger brother.)

You play Pride and Submission for free and support the game's development on ViVi Game’s Patreon page. You can also read more about ViVi Game’s future plans for Pride and Submission on Wixsite.

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