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SilverEdgeGames have released Star Girls, an ecchi dating sim mixed with a bullet hell.

In Star Girls you play as a rookie onboard a spaceship. You’ve just been recruited, but you already find yourself in a bind: you have to make a girl fall for you within the next two months, or you will be cursed.

The game is mix of one part classic dating sim and one part bullet hell. There are six girls willing to join your crew, and each has her own storyline. You can learn about them through talking, bring them gifts, and invite them on dates. Alongside romancing the girls can also train with you, and be assigned to help you out in space during the bullet hell segments. There you will fight waves of enemies while dodging bullets and collecting power-ups, as the boss fight approaches.

You can find out more about Star Girls from the official descriptions and sample screenshots below:

Star girls is a dating sim with a bullet hell combat system and light RPG elements in it. The story is character driven with many different endings depending on your choices. You play as the rookie, a new recruit that finds out they only have 60 days to make a Star girl fall in love with them or become cursed.

You set out to the outer rim with the Commander and Vos, the robot assistant, to locate Star girls. Throughout your journey, you have the ability to convince several Star girls to join your crew. They all have their own unique personalities and their own reasons for joining your crew. Will the rookie find true love? Is there any chance of stopping the curse? Can the rookie pass the Commanders test and become a Space Captain?

Features- 6 unique girls with their own stories, items, unlockable costumes and favourite date locations.

- 3 dialogue choice. Play the kind of rookie you want to play; be it charming, smart or a badass. Every girl has their preference.

- Bullet hell combat system that can be customized to your playing style by upgrading your stats through training, buying fighters and assigning the right star girl as your copilots.

- Original soundtracks that are tailor-made for each planet you visit.

- Hundreds of unique lines that are voice acted and lip-synced with facial animation.

- 20 CGs that are unlocked by events and endings.

- Multiple endings that tell how your actions changed the character's future.

You can purchase Star Girls on Steam for $ 12.99.

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