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The kemonomimi corruption RPG by Hachimitsu Sand, Konoha, Anti-evil Foxy Ninja, has received an English release on DLsite.

In Konoha, Anti-evil Foxy Ninja, you play as a foxgirl ninja from a clan of monster hunters, who’s been tasked to cleanse a monster-riddled cave haunting a nearby village. A miasma spreads from the cave into the town, affecting the women there like an aphrodisiac.

The game uses a simultaneous turn system. Every time Konoha moves or attacks, so do all other monsters in the dungeon. Floors of the cave are randomized, and monsters will spawn over time. If Konoha loses within the cave, her pet fox will take her back to town, but her level will reset to 1.

There are two types of sex scenes in the game. Erotic events will become available in town over time, and, when exploring and fighting, Konoha will lose her composure. The lower it gets, the more likely she will be raped by the cave’s monsters.

You can find out more from the official description and screenshots below:


Fledgling anti-evil ninja Konoha heads to a rural village

accompanied by her talking fox named Ponkichi.

She must take over the duties of her predecessor who has abruptly gone missing...

The details of her mission; to exterminate the "Great Evil" born in a monster's grotto.

There's just one big problem... the grotto in question is brimming with lewd miasma...


"A proud and cavalier Kitsunin (fox ninja) girl, falls for and is trapped in a web of deceit.

A web spun by a certain man... who will lewdly corrupt her in this short rogue-like RPG."

19 base CG / Over 270 variations (not counting pose art)

Estimated playtime: 2~3 hours

In dungeons, defeat will not cause a Game Over.

(* with the exception of Boss Battles.)

Mainly human x human ecchi scenes but there is also some interspecies action.

[Other Implemented Features]


- Achievement system

- Multiple endings

- Scene Replay / Reminiscence Room

- Message skip & Auto mode


- Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.

- Save data cannot be transferred from the trial version to the retail version.

- Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

- This game is created with RPG TKool MV.

You can purchase Konoha, Anti-evil Foxy Ninja from DLsite for about $9.95, estimated from ¥1,080. A demo of the game is available on the store page.

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