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Tamaya Kagiya has organized a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for I Am Succubus!, a visual novel about a feminine boy becoming a succubus.

I Am Succubus! is an upcoming visual novel about a girly boy who gets turned into a female succubus and transported into a fantasy world. It’s being produced by Tamaya Kagiya, the creators of His Chuunibyou Can't Be Cured! and Peace of Evil, who decided to seek funding for the project on Kickstarter.

Saeko, the protagonist of I Am Succubus!, is a straight boy so cute, most people treat him like a girl. Because of his feminine appearance, he's seldom treated seriously, sometimes even like he's a child. At heart, he’s a pure and hardworking man; so pure, in fact, that when a succubus attempts to corrupt him, she fails. In her frustration, she transforms him into a female succubus and drags him into her world, filled with horny elves and beastmen. After a couple of surprises, she asks him for help in preventing an upcoming war.

The project will need to gather $10,000 to successfully produce the game, featuring four main story routes. You can find out more about the game from the promotional materials below:

Our unfortunate protagonist Saeko, has one big problem in his life: He has very feminine features. Because of this, no one ever takes him seriously. His sister, best friend, and club members, all of them treat him as if he is a girl, constantly teasing him.

One night, Saeko is visited by a strange girl in his dreams claiming to be his lover. When he rejects her sexual advances, the girl gets enraged and uses a strange crystal on him. This causes Saeko to feel weak, and at same time, hot and bothered to the point of losing his ability to think straight.

Once he comes back to his senses, he notices that his body is different. The single defining feature that helped distinguish himself as a male is missing. Instead, now he has some new... "assets" in it's place. In shock, he trips over and falls in front of his mirror and witnesses his new form:

A succubus!

You can download a demo of I Am Succubus! on, and check out the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Pledging $12 or more will net you a digital copy at release, with additional extras available at higher pledge tiers.

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