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In celebration of their 20th birthday, circle Crimson has released a strategy game featuring their original characters titled Crimson SMASH.

Crimson SMASH is a strategy game developed by Crimson, an independent Japanese studio known for their animated, flash-based hentai manga and doujinshi. The gameplay takes place on a board, where you deploy tokens featuring original girls from the developer’s other titles. Each girl has a health and an attack value. As you deploy them, you select which direction they will release a damaging wave. If you manage to hit your previously deployed token, it will attack as well, allowing you to chain your offensive.

There’s a total of 39 girls available, each having access to special attacks. Crimson SMASH features four original storylines, told through manga chapters, with their respective main heroines being raped under various circumstances. Translations for the game were done by DLsite’s official translation team.

You can find out more about the game from the official description, and sample CGs from the Japanese version of the game (with gameplay images from the Japanese promotional video) below:

In celebration of 20 years of Crimson's products.

We introduce a new kind of tactical battle game.

Use popular characters from Crimson to defeat bosses!


- Aim for enemies and SMASH!

- Widen your position and SMASH!

- Aim for combo's and SMASH!

- Increase your position & damage by hitting characters

- Strategically place characters to create combos

- Simple controls of aim, pull, and hit

A simple but deep tactical battle game

An omniverse style story featuring 4 popular Crimson characters in 4 stories.

* Nozomi Sakura, a girl with a spiritual sense.

* Tomoka Yuri, a freelance newscaster.

* Saki Nanase, leader of the detective agency Crimson Girl.

* Kaguya Kawasumi, the exorcist.

CV: Hibiki Otsuki / Anzu Hoshi / Chiyuki Sato

You can purchase Crimson SMASH on DLsite for about $17.85 (estimated from ¥1,944).

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