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Ankake Pudding's Beat 'Em Up Game Leader! Oneshota Fight! Released on DLsite

Fight your way through hordes of voluptuous women to rescue your mom in Leader! Oneshota Fight!, available on DLsite.

Leader! Oneshota Fight! Is a side-scrolling beat ‘em up developed by Ankake Pudding. You play as Yu Rajomon, a young boy who was raised to be a strong fighter — like his father. While his family wasn’t that normal, he was happy with the time they spent together. One day, Yu comes home and notices dinner being cooked, but nobody was home. He finds a note in the kitchen, claiming that the Dark organization had kidnapped his mother and, if he wants her back, to come to the five-story pagoda outside of town. Not knowing what the Dark organization is or why they took his mother, Yu sets out to the pagoda.

The fighting mechanics of Leader! Oneshota Fight! are simple. You have three types of attacks and a jump button. Combine them to execute different combos and save yourself from being gang raped. If you do get knocked down, horny women will take the opportunity to rape you and damage your health bar. Shake yourself free to by moving rapidly and get back in the fight. The sex scenes are animated and, when raped, an enlarged animation of the girl will appear in either the left or right corner. There are 24 different types of girls and six boss type women.

Yu Rajomon was a genuine fighter raised by his fighter father.

His father's wife on remarriage was kind to him,

but his step-sister "Akane Rajomon" raised him in a way

that he would become a strong man.

Yu was confused by this complex family dynamic, but spent enjoyable days at that time.

One day, when Yu came home,

he witnessed the fact that dinner had been left while it was being prepared.

His mother had simply vanished.

He found a note written in the kitchen.

It said this.

"Dear Yu Rajomon

I have taken your mother.

If you want her back, come to the five-storied pagoda out of town.

Dark organization - MISS A"

Yu headed to the five-storied pagoda where the dark organization was waiting to rescue his kidnapped mother....

You can find Leader! Oneshota Fight! on DLsite for $12.89. There is a demo available as well, so you can try out the gameplay for yourself. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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