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MangaGamer has announced four new visual novel titles at Anime Expo 2019. We take a look what to expect from the publisher in the near future.

At this year’s Anime Expo convention in Los Angeles, California, MangaGamer announced four new title acquisitions at their panel. The announcements included titles from Liquid, Alice Soft, and Waffle.

The titles announced are all from current partnerships, and include Liquid's Eternal Torment ~An Immortal Girl's Dance of Disgrace~, AliceSoft's Rance 01 -Quest for Hikari- and Rance 02 -The Rebellious Maidens-, and Waffle's Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story 2. The Rance titles will be packaged and released together as a single product at launch.

As of right now, MangaGamer has stated on Twitter that their release of Rance 02 will include the "Kai" content; however, MangaGamer's blog states the contrary, and that due to the unofficial nature of the original "Kai" patch, they are looking into possibly releasing it as a separate patch from the final product, with more details to come at a later date. For those unfamiliar, the "Kai" patch for Rance 02 provided an acclaimed major reworking of the original game's script.

For your reading pleasure, below you will find more information and sample CGs for the newly announced titles.

Eternal Torment ~An Immortal Girl's Dance of Disgrace~

Written by Izumi Ban’ya, a writer on euphoria and No, Thank You!!!, comes a tale of immortality and fate—Eternal Torment ~An Immortal Girl’s Dance of Disgrace~!

When a lowly slave is cursed with immortality by an eternal king, only misery awaits her at the hands of her abusive masters. Forbidden even the sweet escape of death, where can she find the strength to escape her pursuers? With her life spanning across medieval France, the American frontier, and Meiji-era Japan, and the darkness of man ever at her heels, the girl struggles to find meaning in her endless existence. She yearns for some hope to hold onto… but will she ever be able to alter the cruel hand she was dealt? Or will she break down under the weight of it all?

Rance 01 -Quest for Hikari-

Rance 01 – The Quest for Hikari is a remake of the very first, original Rance for modern fans of the series, this new version comes packed with an expanded story, updated graphics and audio, and an updated battle system too! The cards are all in your hands as the warrior Rance ventures out to find hot chicks to bang and sets his sights on Hikari, a daughter of a noble family in the Kingdom of Leazas who has gone missing from her home! Brave forests, caves, and dungeons, fighting powerful foes and traps with weapons and combos at the ready! Will Rance succeed on his quest to save the girl, or will he fall to any of the terrible fates awaiting him at wrong turn.

Rance 02 -The Rebellious Maidens-

Ten years ago in the town of Custom, four young girls were appointed as disciples to the old mage Ragithis. They were to be raised as mages and then to work as town's guardians. But after the ten years of training due to unknown reason girls rebelled against Ragithis and killed him. During the harsh magic battle a whole town were entombed in the underground and a barrier spell was put on town preventing everyone from going out.

This is when Rance appears with Sill on his side, and taking a job of defeating magician maidens and saving the town. But after some research he finds out that actual evil guy was Ragithis himself, who put four magical rings on four maidens. That rings are giving a great boost of magical power to it's bearers, but also able to steal magic power from virgin sorceresses and after collecting magic power of 40 maidens anyone could use these rings to obtain unlimited power. The leader of girls, Masou Shizuka, figured out Ragithis's plan and rebelled against him but it was too late - cursed rings could not be removed and the curse started to dive maidens crazy. Now they are sheltered in the labirinth beneath the town abducting young girls from the town and killing everyone who tried to go into the labirinth and stop them. It seems that the only way to release them from the curse of the rings is to steal a virginity from them, and the only man up to this job is Rance.

Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story 2

Five years have passed since political turmoil of Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story and something is rotten in the state of Edelland as the queens and advisors struggle to keep Lute’s disappearance a secret! Meanwhile, a mysterious masked man washes ashore onto the island kingdom of Hillsland. After witnessing the illegal smuggling operation being run from Hillsland’s prison on Zorro Island, he’s conscripted for a suicidal mission to slay a minotaur! Is he doomed like countless others before him? Will he survive the looming foe and claim some funbags of his own? Where is Lute, and what destiny awaits him and his voluptuous harem?!

That’s all for MangaGamer announcements from Anime Expo 2019. Please keep in mind that the pictures used in this article are from the original Japanese releases, and are not fully representative of the English versions.

As always, we will keep you up to date on any breaking developments we come across in regards to these new releases.

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