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Localization company and publisher of Japanese titles, JAST USA, has announced a slew of upcoming titles at Anime Expo 2019.

JAST USA has appeared at this year’s Anime Expo with a series of announcements for upcoming games and visual novels, including eroge and BL titles. First, they began by announcing a limited physical edition of Majikoi! Love Me Seriously! Translated by fans in 2015 and now scheduled for an official English release by JAST USA, Majikoi! Love Me Seriously! is a high school romantic comedy set in a Japanese town with deep-seated samurai and martial arts culture.


The next announcement was Eiyu*Senki GOLD, a genderbent strategy game set in an alternate timeline, where every important historical figure is a woman. You’re the only man as capable as them, and the whole world is yours to conquer.


After it followed an announcement for Yamizome Revenger, a visual novel with strong themes of corruption. Kazunomori, a common student, was possessed by the weakened demon king Clivehertz. When heroines from another world come to track down and kill the demon king, he and Kazunomori decide to work together to turn the girls into their own harem.


JAST’s next announcement was Mamono Musume: Paradise with Slime and Scylla, a nukige visual novel about a pirate in a fantasy world, who falls into the sea. He’s awoken by two girls, a slime and a half-octopi, who ask him to train them into pirates as well. To make the deal sweeter, the island they’re on is rumored to hide a legendary treasure.


The final announcement was the classic BL, Togainu no Chi. World War 3 has passed, and Japan split itself in two. The new countries were quickly overrun by corruption and criminality. After being falsely accused, Akira is approached by a mysterious woman. She can save him from being convicted, if he agrees to participate in Igura, a survival death game taking place in the ruins of former Tokyo, ruled by a criminal organization Vischio.


Finally, JAST USA has released a short teaser trailer for a currently unknown title:


Note that pictures used in this article come from Japanese versions of these games, and may not be fully representative of the upcoming release

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