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ImagineVR Announces New Distribution Platform ImaginePLAY

ImaginePLAY, Imagine VR’s new online store for PC games, Android games, videos, and more, has launched.

ImaginePLAY is ImagineVR’s new global publishing and distribution platform that releases both general and adult content. There is a large variety of genres, games, videos, animations, and more. Each month, Imagine Play plans to release twenty new titles. The product categories they have listed on the site are Game, Video, Panorama CG, Manga, Animation, CG/Illustration, Sound/Voice, and Others. This can give you an idea of what might show up on ImaginePLAY in the future.

For developers looking for a platform to sell their work, ImaginePLAY allows you to register as a creator for free. It offers a client that provides secure downloads and global sales support, which includes Japanese localization and global distribution. Creators can also choose to make their products DRM-free or not.

Los Angeles, California – June 18, 2019 – ImagineVR Inc. today released "ImaginePLAY", a new online store that delivers PC games, mobile games, and videos. "ImaginePLAY" plans to add more than 20 new works every month, and will cover a wide range of genres, from general to adult titles.

In addition to a wide range of global publishing support such as localization, marketing, and overseas expansion consultation, ImaginePLAY offers a client that provides secure downloads, protecting the creator’s work against piracy.*

* When distributing content, creators can select whether or not copy protection (DRM) is applied.

ImaginePLAY has both Japanese and English sites, and will soon add Chinese support as well.

The site doesn’t have much right now, but you can check out the ImaginePLAY store for yourself. The site can be viewed in English and Japanese, with a Chinese version coming soon.

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