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A ULMF forum user, known as Hoshi, has posted a translation patch for the short lolicon visual novel, Koyori~SEVENDAYS~.

Developed by Kaerinokai2, Koyori~SEVENDAYS~ is an eroge visual novel revolving around a man, a young girl, and the days they spend together. You play as Shinichi, a guy who plans to meet a college girl he met online for a date. Instead, he finds a young girl, named Koyori, waiting for him. Shinichi knew how dangerous this could get, so he tries to end the date quickly, but Koyori forces her way into his apartment and refuses to leave. Why doesn't she want to go home and why does she insist on staying with a man she just met? Whatever reason Koyori may have, it seems she just made Shinichi’s life way more hectic.

Koyori~SEVENDAYS~ uses movie files for the H-scenes. There is a story mode and a video viewing mode for those who just want to watch the movies without the whole story. There are five endings in the game.

Here are the details from Hoshi’s post:

This is a fan-translation of こより~SEVENDAYS~

Game version 1.0: RJ100668

GUI status: 100%

TL status: 100%

For the patch, you need to have your own copy of the original v1.0

Known bugs: None so far

How to use the patch:

1. Extract the rar file

2. The .lsb files and the folders have to be next to the game's .exe

3. Start the game (japanese enviroment / locale emulation needed)

Hint: Don't break the file names when extracting

There’s a download link for the translation patch on Hoshi’s post on You can buy a copy of Koyori~SEVENDAYS~ on Japanese DLsite store for 1,188 yen. A demo is also available on the site as well.

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