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Nekopara Vol. 4 Title, New Anime Trailer and Details Revealed

Neko Works has revealed a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Nekopara anime, as well as the title for the upcoming fourth installment in the franchise.

Nekopara is a series of visual novels about catgirls working at a restaurant. Over the years, it has grown highly popular, and fans have long been waiting for a new installment. Vol. 4 was first announced on Twitter in 2017, but since then, little has been said about it. Yesterday, a new tweet from Neko Works has revealed the game’s title: Nekopara Vol. 4: Neko to Patisserie no Noel.


Meanwhile, more news came regarding the animated series. The main cast for the show was finally revealed, together with a trailer. The anime will be produced by Felix Film, the same studio who created the crowdfunded OVA. It will be directed by Yasutaka Yamamoto, who worked on Servant x Service and Shinryaku!? Ika Musume. Gou Zappa (Blend-S, Beatless) will be the series Editor, Yuichi Hirano (Star Blazers 2199) will be the character designer, and Akiyuki Tateyama (Kemono friends, Yuru Camp△) will be the music producer.

While Tachibana Shinnosuke will recast his role as the series’ protagonist Minaduki Kashou, the cast of female seiyuus has been completely changed. Yuki Yagai will star as Chocola, Iori Saeki as Vanilla, Shiori Izawa as Azuki, Miku Ito as Maple, Yuri Noguchi as Cinnamon, Marin Mizutani as Coconut, and M.A.O as Minaduki Sigure.

The first episode of the anime is scheduled to premiere on July 6th at Anime Expo.

Nekopara has received an animated adaptaion before, as an OVA funded on Kickstarter. The team originally planned to produce a 20-minute episode if they could collect $100,000. Fans gathered a staggering amount of $963,376 USD, extending the OVA length to 60 minutes, and spawning an extra 12-minute OVA prequel to the games. They later found their way to Steam.

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