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Taiwanese circle Poring has published their latest side-scrolling real-time strategy game, Attack it! Devil legion, on English DLsite.

Attack it! Devil legion begins with the Demon Queen being defeated. She not only loses her castle, but also her powers, with her army and herself being reduced to a petite size. This setback doesn't deter her, as she's soon back to work, trying to reconquer the province.

You play as Choco, her trusty pet and army commander. You’ll be able to recruit an army from 8 unit types, including the likes of succubi and slimes, to march and service the enemy forces to death. Each unit has an item slot, three special skills to choose from, and can be upgraded.

During combat, your forces will march forward, attacking enemies with sexual acts. You can issue basic commands to the monster girls, but they aren’t guaranteed to listen. You can also perform a spin attack that will stagger enemies, block projectiles and destroy crates with healing items in them. Manipulate the battlefield to help your forces milk the enemy into submission.

* Synopsis

In the 60th Anniversary of the treaty of peace between Human and Mazoku,

the new Mao received a great mission to end peace and MAKE MAZOKU GREAT AGAIN

lead the Mazoku to conquer the world again, however, time has changed,

power is no longer the key to conquer the world, waves of challenges await...

Work hard! Mao! Lead your troops to conquer the whole world once again!

* Gameplay

This is a strategic action game. You can deploy various teams to defeat your enemies,

there are 8 characters in the game, each character has 2 modes.

Picking appropriate teammates to beat each level is the key of success.

This game uses pixel art to illustrate Hentai content.

When an update is available, you need to re-download the game form this website.

There are 28 levels in total and the estimated completion time is 4-5 hours.

A lengthy demo of Attack it! Devil legion is available on DLsite, where you can also purchase it for about $20.13, estimated from ¥2,160.

The developer also has a Patreon, where you can support them to read about updates to their future project.

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