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Nutaku has released CockVille, an economic strategy game about farming and dating developed by Tender Troupe, on their storefront.

CockVille is a casual farm management game, where your job is to make and deliver produce to your various clients. While the game doesn't have a losing condition, the speed of your progression will be determined on how well you can optimize your farm, with many products requiring chains of resources. For example, if someone orders a meal that requires an egg, you will first need to raise corn and process it into chicken feed.

Whenever you deliver food to your clients, you have a chance to speak with them. They will ask you a question and, if they like your answer, they will like you in turn. Once their interest grows enough, a scene with a CG at the end will show upon your next meeting. The game features over eight clients, including a dark-skinned bodybuilder, a scrawny friend of the protagonist, and a classy older gentleman.

If the description sounds familiar, that would be because CockVille is an updated and gay version of Booty Farm. Below you can view the official promotional material for CockVille, including the official description:

Grow crops, relationships, and adventures in this hunkalicious time management game. As your business and relationships blossom, you will meet new interesting guys in CockVille, unlocking additional sexual encounters as you level up. The mission is simple – grow delicious crops and always keep your customers thirsty for more.

● The men of CockVille are gorgeous and eager to meet you - discover 10 kinky characters! And the new hunks keep on cumming...

● Enjoy stunning graphics - romance each character to unlock their unique 10 raunchy scenes. Feast your eyes on 100+ beautiful erotic scenes.

● We update our game regularly and make sure our boys stay in top shape.

● In CockVille, things get XXX very fast. Engage in hot scenes across the farm like a boss, without even looking up dating advice.

● Because we all need a place where we can fuck without feeling guilty. These men know what they want. *Psssst, it’s you*Key Features

● 10+ unique men to meet and explore their stories

● 100+ uncensored scenes

● Multiple choices question/answer system

● Visual Novel-style interactions

● Complex production line system to manage with 100+ elements

You can play CockVille for free in your browser, via a downloadable client, or on Android devices, all available on Nutaku.

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