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Denpasoft publishes two of Ume’s visual novels from their Nakadashi Banzai franchise, a series about street pickup artistry.

Nakadashi Banzai isn’t the sort of series to bother with an overly convoluted backstory. You’re put into the shoes of a horny man, who decided to go out into the city and find himself a date. Explore the town, find the girl you like, and persuade her into spending the night with you.

The novels differ with the cast of available girls. Each offers three different dates. In the first Nakadashi Banzai you will meet a temporary worker Kotomi, an elegant MILF Kozue, and Eri, a spoiled girl having fun in town.


A hip chick with great style.

She doesn't have too many dreams or big plans for the future.

She has a fair amount of sexual experience.


Elegant and relaxed, she carries an intellectual air.

She doesn't have kids, and the passion in her marriage seems to have dried up.

As a married woman she definitely has experience, but it's been a while since she felt the touch of a man.


She's certain to have a softer side.

Her sexual experience seems to be nonexistent.

Nakadashi Banzai 4 offers slightly more colorfully designed, but still grounded women to interact with: the shy and hard-working Marika, the timid MILF Akiko, and the honest, aloof Kaneishi Namami.

Marika Shibakusa

Office lady that goes straight home after work.

A diligent worker indeed, and she know how to own the atmosphere.

She is incredibly shy to strangers, is not honest about her feelings or emotions, and is often very blunt.

Due to her nature, she thinks love is cliched and is still a virgin.

Akiko Iwamoto

She looks so young that you wouldn't imagine she had two kids.

But, she suddenly recalled the throbbing from when she fell in love long ago, longing for those romantic emotions, a woman's heart never forgets.

Kaneishi Nanami

She's friendly and not two faced, she's genuine and has an open attitude, she also has many male friends.

She has a boyfriend the same age as her, she acts all cute and childish only in front of him.

You can purchase Nakadashi Banzai on Denpasoft for $11.99 at 20% off until June 21st. At full price the game will cost $14.99. Alternatively, you can get it on Nutaku for $15.

Nakadashi Banzai 4 is available on Denpasoft for $11.99 at 20% off until June 21st. It will cost $14.99 at full price. You can also buy it on Nutaku for $14.95.

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