Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Select Gameworks’ Lust Selection: Episode 1, a visual novel focused on office drama and corporate politics, has been released on Steam, Nutaku, DLsite, and Itch.io.

Lust Selection is a episodic visual novel about the choices you can make in the office and what you’re willing to do to climb the corporate ladder. Will you keep your hands clean or be tempted by your greed and carnal desires?

In this initial episode, you play as James, a man who is entering a company as a senior project manager. His new workplace has a normal and friendly office environment and, to make things better, there are some extremely sexy office ladies working with him. However, this friendly atmosphere is just for show, as it hides what’s really going on in the company and how people actually feel.

James’ first task is to manage a team of misfits for competition, but each member seems to have their own personal issues to deal with. The first person he’ll help is Sandy, a woman who is being harassed by her ex-boyfriend. You decide how to handle the situation and if you’ll be her hero or villain. There’s also Sylvia, who is known as the Office Ice Queen. She seems cold to everyone, but she might be hiding a secret side. After witnessing her in a very compromising position, that might be true.

An episodic visual novel that spans 10 episodes, Lust Selection was designed from the ground up as an Original English Language Visual Novel that strives to break the conventional visual novel settings such as magical fantasies, Sci-Fi, anime style, etc. and instead focusing towards a more realistic approach. The modern-day corporate office drama.

Make choices that change the dynamics of the story, with branching routes, each choice the player makes will craft the game flow and eventual ending.

How far would you go to clinch a deal worth millions? What dirty deals would you stain your hands with or would you abide by your moral compass and stand to lose everything? When you are so close to reaching your goal, do you give it all up for that tender touch of a woman's embrace?

Join James as he delves deep into the world of politics, corruption, blackmail and dirty secrets of the adult corporate industry.

Lust Selection: Episode 1 is available for PC, Mac, and Android. You can purchase the game for $10.93 on DLsite and $5.99 on Steam, Nutaku, and Itch.io. Select Gameworks plans to release the second episode of Lust Selection on July 3rd.

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