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Rascal Devworks Seeks Funding for Isekai RPG After I Met That Catgirl, My Questlist Got Too Long!

A team of indie developers has taken to public funding to bring their comedy hentai RPG, After I met that catgirl, my questlist got too long!, to life.

The lengthily named After I met that catgirl, my questlist got too long! is a comedy eroge RPG set in a fantasy world. The player controls Vera, a charming witch trying to make her name as an adventurer. One day, she finds a catgirl named Téa, who speaks of Hallow Weens and Londons. Apparently, she was sent here from another world by a lighting, and needs help to go back. She will require aid from the King, and to get the King’s attention, she will have to create a highly renowned adventurer’s guild.

The isekai adventure is built in daily segments. Each morning, the guild will receive a couple of quests to deal with; some are mandatory, and others can be failed, with the success rate reflecting on the guild’s renown. Extra missions can be found by exploring the world, and most of them feature story elements, told through VN-like cutscenes.

For its gameplay, After I met that catgirl, my questlist got too long! employs a turn-based combat system. Each character has unique mechanics and skills, with Vera being able to charm enemies, while the elf warrior Reniel has access to different combat stances with separate abilities, and so on.

You can read more about the game and its characters from the official descriptions below:

Vera, the player character, is a charm witch with an everlasting love for all things of beauty, and an even bigger love for women. Catgirls, elves or humans... she doesn't discriminate.

After her fateful meeting with the catgirl Téa, who claims to come from another world and to actually be a human, Vera decides to join forces with her and form a guild. That allows Téa to play dictator, and gives Vera the opportunity to meet cute girls and frolic around, discovering things about the world she could have never imagined before.

Vera, the player character, would keep a rose in her mouth, if that didn't making sweet-talking women or simply talking difficult. She has always wanted to be an adventurer, and doesn't mind long walks on the beach if there's a cute girl at the finish line. She likes to name her spells, but doesn't shout "Forbidden Bind!" or "Dangerous Lips!" in battle. Yet.

Téa claims to come from London. She was supposed to take a state exam to become a real estate agent when, somehow, she found herself at the feet of the Elder Tree. She would sell all the knowledge she has about the speed of light and other sciency things... if only she remembered the fine details.

Reniel is one of the Ostmoor Elves. She will pet all the dogs. She will squeal at every cat. Giant monsters with sharp horns and bloodshot eyes? She thinks they're cute. She can't control her magic very well, and in order to wield it she gives it the shape of either a shield or a sword. She always makes the best of what she has.

Sunny takes her oath seriously, and despite what you may want, she will heal you. Sure, her mixtures might sting, or burn like scalding water, or taste like pure, unfiltered lemon juice... but they're healthy. She's passionate about alchemy, but her work history is a big question mark, and she doesn't like to answer the many questions that come up about it.

Lyra comes to your aid in the capital. Her words are blunt, yet her eyes betray a certain fondness for Vera. Who is she, and why does her name sound familiar..?

You can support After I met that catgirl, my questlist got too long! on Kickstarter. At the moment of writing, it has gathered $3,476 out of the $7,890 USD goal. By donating $10 or more, you’re guaranteed a copy of the game, together with access to backer updates and having your name put in the credits.

A lengthy demo of the game is available on Steam. It contains no lewd content, but a hentai patch will be available for the full release.

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