...the fuck?

Sassy Squad DL, Bold Endevor’s free-to-play strategy game involving hot chicks and the undead, is now available on Nutaku.

Sassy Squad DL is a tower defense strategy game developed by Bold Endevor and published by Nutaku Publishing. In the game, you play as Jimmy, the world’s greatest vampire hunter. When he’s summoned by his ex to take care of the hordes of undead that have risen from the graves, Jimmy must assemble a team of voluptuous babes to put them six feet under again. Though the situation seems dire, it doesn’t mean he can’t get some more action and fuck his companions between battles.

At your disposal is a roster five playable characters: the four heroines — Amber, Jizzella, Giulia, and Esther — and the hero Jimmy. In the game, you must defeat the undead before they reach the area under your protection. As they move forward, use your chosen character’s special powers to stop them. Eventually, you will come up to one of the five bosses. Just make sure to customize your girls' abilities so you can take them down.

There are two story campaigns and over thirty locations to explore. While eliminating the zombie threat, you also have some down time to get close to the girls through visual novel-style interactions . By raising their affection you will win their hearts and they’ll treat you to a very special service.

Key Features

● Beautiful 3D animated Sex Scenes with 20+ Positions

● 30+ Explorable Locations

● 2 story driven campaigns

● 4 super sexy Heroes are waiting on you!

● Defeat 5 powerful Bosses

● Earn Skulls to reap rewards

● Customize your sexy Heroes’ powers

● Equip your heroes with 70 Runes

● Build powerful shrines

● Use Special Powers

● Earn the affection of sassy hotties

● Randomized Daily Challenges

● Deep and engaging core gameplay mechanics

● Randomized daily levels

● Exploration & Choice System

● Visual Novel Style Interactions

You can find Sassy Squad DL and play it for free on Nutaku.

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