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Illusion Soft debuts on Steam by bringing their highly popular 3D hentai scene creator Koikatsu Party to Western audiences.

The highly acclaimed studio Illusion has brought one of their latest titles, Koikatsu Party, to Steam. The game follows their typical structure, offering robust customization tools for creating a desired hentai pairing, this time in an anime aesthetic.

Created characters can be then loaded into various locations, each with a set of available pervy positions to explore. The interactive intercourse system divides the experience into three phases: the caress, service, and insert/piston modes. Manipulating those modes changes the girl’s stats, affecting her behavior, dialogue, and how the encounter ends.

Main difference between Koikatsu Party and the original Japanese release is the exclusion of the exploration and story mode, which took place at a school. There the player was tasked with creating a club, which would rank up as they gather more female members and having intercourse with them.

All school-themed content in pornographic games is prohibited on Steam, hence its removal. However, Illusion provides an off-Steam patch that restores both the story mode and all related clothing options.

You can find out more about Koikatsu Party in its official description quoted below, as well as from sample screenshots:


The Ultimate Anime Character Maker


Do you dream about your perfect waifu, and curse the fact that she only exists in your imagination? Well, turn that frown upside down, because the character of your dreams can now be reality!Customizing your own adorable anime character is easy with Illusion's latest and greatest invention—a character creation system that employs ultra high-quality anime-style shaders.


Over 300+ Adjustable Settings


Are you a man of culture? Do you have very specific preferences? Well, with over 300 different settings you can adjust, we have all the options you need to sculpt a character to match your refined tastes.Use our custom suite of precision tools to adjust every aspect of your masterpiece, and watch as our engine renders her with ultra high-quality anime shaders. Sleek graphics and textures will help bring your waifu to laifu!


A Wealth of Options for Customizing Faces


Our character creator gives you an unparalleled level of control over facial features, and intuitive controls make it easy for anyone to design the perfect face.Shape, size, position, contours, dimensions—customize them all! Want pointy elf ears? Easy! Want to change the color of just one eye? Piece of cake! You have the ability to make a character for any type of setting you can imagine!

Choose from a wide variety of different hairstyles. And even better, you can select different hair sections and adjust them individually for ultimate customizability!


Sculpt the Perfect Body


A wide range of options to customize your character's body will leave you wondering why you ever bothered with real people. Seriously, who needs reality when you have anime?Sculpt every curve with settings both general and specific. Breasts, hips, arms, busts, legs: seriously, we've got options to adjust pretty much anything you can dream of.

But wait, there's more! Why not give your character purple skin, or add in cool shadows, or even change the color of her outline? We support all sorts of coloring schemes and light options. I mean, this is anime we're talking about. The sky's the limit!


30 Unique Personality Archetypes


Of course, physical perfection is nothing without personality. That's why we provide 30 fully unique personality archetypes for you to give your waifu!Start with a knockout body, add in the perfect face, and season with a dash of tsundere or tomboy, and blam! You've got your own personally perfect anime heroine!


Lots and Lots of Erotic Options


Now that you've made your perfect waifu, why not consummate your 2D marriage? Well, fear not! We've got you covered with dozens of different sexual options to explore!Use simple mouse controls to touch, pull, lick, finger, and pump to your heart's content. It's simple, it's easy, it's fun, and oh my is it satisfying!

Oh, and before we forget! You can also customize your waifu's level of sensuality, tastes, and experience. Depending on the mix and match of her personality archetype and sex settings, she'll react differently to various situations and sensations. Explore them all!

Note: Although subtitles are not available during erotic encounters, we hope you’ll enjoy the rich selection of characters, brought to life by a varied cast of Japanese voice talent, and the otherwise-extensive, colorful English language translation.

You can purchase Koikatsu Party on Steam for $59.99

The school content patch is available on Illusion’s official page, here. Due to the page redirecting, you'll have to click the "Koikatsu Party" button to get to the actual page with the patch link.

Note that the game contains mosaic censorship as required by Japanese regulations. It is, however, extremely mod-friendly, so solutions to the issue can be found online.

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