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Ogres are trekking village to village to kill the men and impregnate the women. A female knight wields her blade against them in Legend of Ogre Buster, now available on the English DLsite store.

Legend of Ogre Buster is an action game developed by Elithheart. When the knight Ellis hears about a hoard of ogres and orcs going to human villages to senselessly kill and rape the villagers, she takes up her blade to stop them. With determination in her eyes, she intends to fight off these monsters. Little does Ellis know, the shame she will endure will tear apart her pride and violate her body.

In this side-scrolling action game, you will dodge and attack the ogres until one of you are defeated. Execute a slow heavy attack or a quick weak attack to knock down or stun your enemies. Whenever you’re attacked, Ellis’ armor will be destroyed. Be careful not to get knocked down or else you’ll be raped on the spot. If this does happen, you can free yourself and continue the fight or just allow it to happen. Succeed and you will move on to the next area until you reach the boss. Fail and you’ll be captured and shown an H-scene.

* Erotic scenes

In normal state, this is a normal belt scroll action, but

every time the armor is destroyed, her private parts will be exposed.

If you go down in that state, you will be raped by a giant ogre and slime.

With the erotic motion, the sperm shoots up when you come.

There is a total number of more than 700 pixels in the erotic motion.

From solitary rape of one ogre to multiple rape when other ogres join in.

The erotic scenes include erotic animation for action and

erotic scenes on defeat.

* Action game

This game is belt scroll action.

Fight with the enemy while moving up, down, left, and right.

When you take the attack of the enemy, the armor is damaged (armor break).

When you attack the enemy or you are raped, the deathblow meter stops.

By taking items, you can recover HP and armor.

As there are secret tricks implemented,

this is good for those who do not like action so much.

Please see the operation explanation for detail.

You can buy the English version of Legend of Ogre Buster on DLsite for $12.96. There is also a downloadable demo if you want to try the game out before buying. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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