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In the latest edition of Lewd Spotlight, we venture in the world of the occult and the demonic with Bluewizard, an artist that lives, breathes, and creates the most lustful of creatures.

LewdGamer: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Bluewizard: Hi! I'm Al. I'm a genderfluid adult artist working out of Nashville, Tennessee. When I'm not drawing, I enjoy reading fiction and comics, studying esoteric materials like Gnosticism, and practicing magic.

LewdGamer: How and when did you start drawing?

Bluewizard: Honestly, I don't remember a time before drawing - from what my folks tell me I've been doing it since I could grasp a crayon. I do remember that somewhere around the age of six, my babysitter showed me his sketchbook, and it was full of all this badass stuff. I asked him to draw a cyborg tiger (no idea why) and he drew this badass tiger with like a Kano-style eye, lots of cool comic-style chrome shading on it. I think that was the moment I realized that with some practice, I could do cool stuff like that too. Been at it ever since.

LewdGamer: How long have you been drawing lewd artwork and what got you into it?

Bluewizard: I played with adult stuff as early as middle school - mostly copying bootleg hentai doujin panels from Newgrounds (haha). But strict parents and a quasi-religious upbringing kind of put the kibosh on that - and my sexuality in general - until college. With the benefit of changing belief systems and freedom from being monitored or policed in any way, I started to experiment with that side of myself again. Mostly for fun, though, and I didn't show much of it off.

Then a couple of years ago, I kind of hit a low point in my life, and drawing porn was one part of what dug me out of it. It was like I finally took the gloves off and just did what felt right, regardless of my previous hangups. It was quite liberating.

LewdGamer: How did you arrive at your current art style?

Bluewizard: Part emulation, part experimentation, part necessity. I try to inject things I like about art that moves me into my own work, while at the same time attempting to develop methods that are satisfying to me. I've mentioned it before, but I love lineart and lineless paint in equal measures, so part of my current style is attempting to marry the two.

LewdGamer: Do you draw for a particular kind of audience?

Bluewizard: What a fantastic question. I think my primary audience, being honest, is me. I try to create things that spark joy and pleasure in myself and do my best to trust it will do the same for others. That said, I also feel a desire to create artwork that showcases a wide variety of body types and sexualities, so that someone out there can see themselves in my work and feel like they're sexy, knowing people are getting off to someone like them. So I guess I hope to create for as inclusive an audience as I can, within my scope.

LewdGamer: What is your favorite character and fetish to draw?

Bluewizard: Well, if we're talking fanart, I could draw Tifa Lockhart until I was blue in the face and I wouldn't get sick of it, haha. She was my first video game gal crush - I admire her so much as a character, and she's as lovely and alluring as the day is long. Also, to quote Spike Spiegel, "I like the kind of woman who can kick my ass."

In terms of my own OCs, I bounce between Loya, my thick-and-curvy blue succubus babe with the office vibes, and Sadie, the super-fit red-skinned hottie. They're both really fun to draw, and I delight in the contrast between them. My fans seem to really like them too, so that works out.

As far as fetishes, obviously I really like fit girls. Though part of that is just because muscles are so satisfying to draw. I also really like public/risky shit, which I haven't dipped into artistically much yet, but hope to soon. A little bit of BDSM stuff is really fun too - choking, collars, shibari, that kind of thing. And I love group sex, especially if the sexuality in it is really fluid. Everybody fucking everybody, haha.

LewdGamer: Is there anything you wouldn't draw?

Bluewizard: Noncon is an instant nope for me, as are scat/piss and anything involving underage people. I'm also not super into furries - no shade on those who are, I have a couple of really amazing furry artist friends, but it's just not my thing. I like monster/beast, but not really gross ones - I can't do zombies, for instance, because all I can think about is the smell (LMAO).

LewdGamer: Do you ever face any difficulties in your drawing process?

Bluewizard: Yeah, quite a few. For one, time is almost always against me. Right now I'm still working an 8-5 office job, so if I run into difficulties with a project or it takes longer than I expect, I can get really upset. I hate losing time. The upside is that has made me really good at time management and being decisive when I create, both extremely valuable skills for any artist.

For another, I often struggle to break out of being too literal or photographic in my thinking. I'll get all uptight trying to make something "make sense" when keeping loose and expressive would serve me better.

Lastly, I kind of struggle with imposter syndrome. I share Neil Gaiman's fear of some guy with a clipboard showing up at my place and saying "right, we've found you out, you fraud, you fooled all those people into thinking you're a decent artist, but we saw that one line that was out of place, and so we're here to take you away." It's absurd but the fear is quite real and can be crippling if I don't approach it right.

LewdGamer: Could you briefly describe some of the projects you're currently working on?

Bluewizard: Well, right now I'm busy with commissions. I took quite a few earlier in the year to cover moving expenses, but progress is steady. Once that's done, I'm going to finish a short ten-page comic I started, called Deal With a Devil, featuring Loya and a cute black girl named Alicia who summons her to make a deal. Alicia wants to change her life, and she wants Loya to do it with magic. The price, naturally, is sex.

After that, I plan to expand on that universe and tell other sexy stories with occult, monster and fantasy themes that will center around this otherworldly place called Pandemopolis, where Loya is from. Comics for sure, and I'm considering other storytelling media in the medium term - like perhaps a dating sim or kinetic novel.

Lastly, I have this big-assed project in the back of my head that one day I'd like to sink my teeth into. For now, I just have to let it marinate, but its time will come. The idea is to do a long-form graphic novel, some kind of epic story like you'd see in Heavy Metal Magazine. Lots of action, lots of character development, lots of sex, drugs, and rock and roll (haha). I kind of have this dream of making sexually explicit stories that have more than just bare-bones narrative around them. Every time I've seen something like that - like Alfie by InCase or Hot Shit High by Erotibot - they've stuck with me. The sex is hotter somehow when you feel like you know the characters, so this would be in the same vein.

Bluewizard can be reached directly via Twitter, where he frequently posts previews, complete art pieces, and animations.

Bluewizard is part of a growing artist network known as the Kupaa Networks, directly affiliated with LewdGamer. Bluewizard's artistic endeavors can be directly supported by subscribing to his website.

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