Clean up for the next guy

Help Sae escape from a creepy old mansion in Alternate DiMansion Diary, now available on FAKKU, Steam, MangaGamer, and JAST USA.

Alternate DiMansion Diary is a puzzle escape RPG developed by Sprite Hills and published by Kagura Games. You play as Sae, a sensible university student who gets separated from her class during the university hiking trip. After wandering for a while, she comes across a old, rundown mansion. Sae enters in an attempt to find something or someone to help her, but instead gets trapped inside. What secrets is this mansion hiding and will Sae be able to escape it?

As you explore the mansion, collect items and solve puzzles to open new areas of the mansion. Lustful predators and erotic traps lie in wait for Sae. This experience might awaken a side of her that she never knew existed.

Sae, a university student, finds herself lost in the mountains. Before long, she comes across an old looking mansion.

Hoping to find some help, she begins to explore it. However, she eventually realizes that this isn't just any old mansion. But it might be too late! Will she be able to escape the mansion?

Find out in this Puzzle-Escape RPG!


● A Puzzle-Escape RPG Experience!

● Collect Items as you Explore the Mansion

● Solve Puzzles to Progress through the Mansion

● Amazing Pixel Art

● And No Grinding Required!

Alternate DiMansion Diary is currently on sale for $7.46 at MangaGamer and $7.49 at Steam, FAKKU, and JAST USA. The sale on Steam ends on May 30th. When all the sales end, the game’s price will increase back up to $9.95 on MangaGamer and $9.99 on Steam, Fakku, and JAST USA. There is also a free 18+ patch available on Kagura Games' website for those who have the Steam version and don't want to miss out on the adult content.

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