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Follow Garth on his misadventures in the open world RPG visual novel An Adventurer’s Tale, available on Steam.

Developed by Epic Works and Top Hat Studios Inc., An Adventurer’s Tale is a mixture of RPG and visual novel gameplay. There are secrets to find, quests to complete, and characters to interact with.

After Garth leaves his home for a life of adventure, fame, and glory, he finds himself in numerous misadventures. So far, none of them were enough to satisfy his desires, until he found a powerful entity known as a Lich King in the middle of the Garasia region. Feared by both the living and the dead, Lich Kings have a mysterious allure that attracts all prey to them. Garth prepares to take the threat down, but he realizes something is wrong when the Lich King he confronts is Grisette, a woman from his past whom he can never forget.

An Adventurer's Tale has a JRPG style battle system with ten-to-fifteen hours of gameplay. There are mysterious to unravel and many quests to take up. In New Game+, an infinite quest mode will be available and more quests will be generated.

After leaving his home in the capital city in the Kingdom of Gronia, our hero Garth wanders along the countryside seeking fame, glory, and his next misadventure. He finds himself amid various escapades, some as mild and comedic as fleeing the City Guard after a wild night with the Lord's Daughter, and some as serious as bouts with monstrous, lurking horrors. Then, in the small, outlying region of Garasia, he finds something that finally could satisfy his thirst for adventure, recognition, and beautiful women: A Lich King! Born once a millennia, these powerful beings are feared by all things living…and dead. Their mysterious allure attracts all into their bind. Gearing up to take such a threat down, Garth realizes something darker may be lurking around the corner when he confronts the current Lich King, Grisette, a woman he had thought constantly since that fateful day many years ago…

You can buy An Adventurer’s Tale on Steam for the discounted price of $10.19. When the sale ends on May 30th, the game will increase to $11.99. There is also a free mature content patch on Steam which enables all the 18+ content.

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