...the fuck?

Rabbit Burn, a billiards-based game with explosions, bunny girls, and aggressive rabbit-headed men, is now available on Steam.

Developed by Bio Sapiens and published by Eroge Japan, Rabbit Burn is a depraved game of billiards. You were kidnapped by rabbit-headed men and brought to the Rabbit House, a world renowned casino. What the public doesn’t know is that a game of money, violence, and desire is played at the Rabbit House in their underground arena. Along with other men, you were kidnapped to be another player in this game. If you win the game, you will become the next owner of the Rabbit House. The other players are eager to have that position and are willing to take you out if you get in their way. The only option is to survive this depraved game and win it all.

Rabbit Burn puts you onto a billiard table-styled field where you need to beat each of the rabbit men and take all the bunny girls. Shoot your billiard ball and hit the other rabbit men to damage them. You can create explosive chain reactions when you hit balls against each other.

There are other activities to do, too; brawl with other rabbit men, make love with the bunny girls, or dance to the music.


Rabbit-masked men and bunny girls participate in a game played on a field modeled after a billiards table. The goal of each rabbit man (including your character) is to beat down the other rabbit men and get with the beautiful bunny girls. If a rabbit man is able to gather all the bunny girls on the field to himself, he wins.

As the player, you can shoot giant billiard balls across the playing field, dealing damage to enemy rabbit men who get hit and causing chain-reacting explosions whenever you ricochet one ball off another. Aim carefully to lead your character to victory!


- 20 different levels to play on

- 30 unique bunny girls and 24 faceless rabbit men, all beautifully modeled and animated in 3D

- Gallery mode, where you can view the characters in motion from all angles and in all types of passionate encounters

- Intuitive mouse-based controls

- Make your own levels in the level editor, for even more fun

You can buy Rabbit Burn on Steam for the reduced price of $11.24. After May 24th, the sale will end and the price will increase to $14.99.

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