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Eroge publisher MangaGamer has announced plans to release the third game in the classic incest hentai series, Imouto Paradise 3.

MangaGamer, well-known publisher of adult games in the West, has made an appearance at this year’s Anime Central. With them, they brought the Funbag Fantasy illustrator Q-Gaku, and new publishing announcement: MangaGamer plans to bring Imouto Paradise 3 to the West.

The latest visual novel in the classic series of incestuous harems follows the plot structure of its predecessors. Yuuichi, the protagonist, is left alone with his five sisters as their parents leave on a business trip. He takes this as an opportunity to get closer with the girls, and luckily for him they show interest as well.

The official announcement reveals a little about the girls:

We’re sure Secret Project #2, the latest installment of this family of releases, requires no introduction––Imouto Paradise 3!

While the events of Imouto Paradise and Imouto Paradise 2 have already proven the Nanases like to keep it in the family, the same holds true for the cousins of the original 6!

When Nanase parents away, the siblings will play in bed! Will you fall for Sakura, the deredere sister handling the housework; Rika, the diligent tsundere with great grades; Hinata, the adorable clutz loved by all; Hiharu, the bright, athletic gamer; or Zakuro, the calm and collected author of many erotica? Whichever sister you choose, you’re in a for a hot summer with these sexy sisters trying to get intimate! Maybe you won’t have to settle for just one, either!

The Imouto Paradise series has been developed by Moonstone, with the latest game, Imouto Paradise 3, premiering in 2018 in Japan. The series was popular enough to receive a hentai anime adaptation.

At the moment, there’s no set release date for Imouto Paradise 3.

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